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  • GHS, SDS, Pictograms, and Hazards

    All chemical suppliers should strive to use the safest ingredients possible when developing their products for the metalforming industry. In a perfect... Read More
  • Green Lubes Under a Microscope

    Green lubes, black ink. What is good for environment can be good for the bottom line.​ Read More
  • Green Fluid Technology

    Tower Oil & Technology has been the industry leader, creating numerous metal stamping lubricants that lessen environmental impact, increase production... Read More
  • Lubricant Selection - Seven-Step Process

    Too often, stampers settle for using the lubricants currently on their manufacturing floor. However, this may not always be the best solution for a particular... Read More
  • Why Do Parts Rust?

    Rust is a lot like death and taxes. It is always lurking in the background. It must be factored in as part of the manufacturing processes, with standard... Read More
  • Why Water Quality?

    With environmental regulations on the increase, companies engaged in the use (and/or disposal) of metalworking lubricants have generally come to accept... Read More
  • The Birth of a Lubricant

    …and the benefits realized by a lamination stamper: improved corrosion and stain protection, reduced lube consumption, superior quality and elimination of... Read More