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How to properly mix a coolant?

The ratio or concentration for each operation is different.  Consult with your Tower Sales Engineer on the target ratio.  Once this is established, use the "O.I.L." method.  " Oil in Last"  This applies to soluble oils, semi-synthetics, and synthetic water extendable products.  

For example - if your target ratio is 9:1 or 10%, add 9 parts of water to your container.  Then begin to add one part lubricant concentrate with agitation to get proper mixing.

Using a refractometer, get a reading from the mixed solution.  Every product has a different factor to determine the correct refractometer reading.  

The formula for this calculation is: Refractometer Reading (RI) = Concentration % / Factor.

For Tower's Saf-T-Cool 458, the Factor is 2.2.  So for a 9:1 or 10% solution, the Refractometer Reading is:

10% / 2.2 = 4.5

If your reading is higher, then you have too much coolant concentrate in your container.  If your reading is lower, then you have too much water.

There are a number of mechanical ways to properly mix coolants as well.  Please give us a call, and we will have one of our trained Application Engineers contact you to determine which method is best for your operations.

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Kleendraw W-4100I currently use the Kleendraw W-4100 in my tubes for bending, will the W-4100 turn to a powder in the tube when heated? if so, at what temperature.

this is a test from brooks

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Lubricant test 1A

Lubricant test 1A 6/13/18 BF

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